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Air-Flow® Classic
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Brand: EMS
Sedentary and selective effects: AIR-FLOW® CLASSIC powder is an excellent base powder for professional teeth cleaning procedures. Due to the properties of its active ingredient - sodium bicarbonate, the powder helps prevent the development of caries and helps reduce the gum inflammation.   ..
230 грн. 350 грн.
Brand: Denu
Light curing universal composite resin with nano hybrid fillerDenu Composite Resin is water-soluble with the optimal biocompatibility and provides the high polymerization rate, low shrinkage with enhanced flexural rigidity.. Stickness and slumping is minimized to allow excellent usability for the ap..
290 грн.
Brand: Denu
Light cured flowable composite resin with nano hybrid fillerThe flowability ensures easy applications that require details and also easy to use on tooth bridge or tooth barriers. It is used as Base and Liner for restorations as well as for tooth bridges or tooth barriers.Shade: A0,  A1,  A..
390 грн.
Brand: Denu
Composition     - Denu Composite Resin - 2 syringes- Denu Etch-37 - 1 syringe, 2 tips- Denu Bond- bottle..
790 грн.
Enamel sealing liquid (Deep-penetration fluorid) Enamel sealing liquid (Deep-penetration fluorid)
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Brand: Humanchemie
Enamel Sealing Liquid (Deep Fluoride®) TifenfluorideEnamel-sealing liquid (Deep Fluoride®) provides deep fluorination and mineral sealing of enamel pores. By deep fluorination is meant the formation of submicroscopic CaF2 crystals in the depth (inside) of the pores of the loosened enamel zone.Indica..
580 грн. 800 грн.
Brand: Cerkamed
Metric designation of measurements:0,3 x 25 What stands out ENDO-TOP needles:Close-ended, rounded tip of the needles guarantee safety of use and reduce the risk of accidental tissue damage Accurately selected size and location of side vent:- eliminate possibility of extrusion of the irriga..
12 грн.
Enhance® Finishing System Enhance® Finishing System
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At DENTSPLY Caulk, our restorative solutions shine for dentists. With the Enhance® Finishing System, you’ll find an easy, dependable and controllable method for achieving natural looking, high-gloss restorations. Surface roughness testing proves that the composite surface is smoother when Enhance® F..
60 грн.
Gingi-Pak® Z-Twist Weave Braided Cord is a fourth-generation, state-of-the-art retraction material manufactured to give dental professionals the characteristics, performance, consistency and reliability they demand.The unique braided construction of 100% cotton Gingi-Pak® Z-Twist Weave Braided Cord ..
190 грн.
Gluma® Bond 5
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Преимущества: Всего 1 шаг после протравливанияНе нужно хранить в прохладном местеОтличная сила адгезии, особенно в области эмалиГомогенный слойЛегкое и удобное нанесениеПоказания к применению: Адгезивная фиксация прямых композитных, Polyglas  и компомерных реставрацийАдгезивная фиксац..
550 грн.
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