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Contents of delivery:

- Syringe 9g,

- cannulas.

Indications for use:

- chemical-mechanical expansion of root canals

- cleaning the root canals of the remnants of organic tissue, blood clots

- lubrication of the root canals before processing with any endodontic instruments to expand to / to

- Light intra-channel whitening effect.

Main active ingredients:

- 15% Ethylenediamine Tetracetate (EDTA)

- 10% peroxide (urea) in an aqueous solution of glycol.

RC-Prep gel paste in combination with sodium hypochlorite solution gives the following advantages:

- Facilitate the search for calcified mouths, cleaning and the formation of obliterated root canals of the teeth. The EDTA contained in RC-Prep dissolves calcium salts from the surface of the mouths and in the canals themselves, all this allows you to quickly clean and form the canal with the help of an endodontic instrument.

- A solution of sodium hypochlorite in the reaction with peroxide, which is part of RC-Prep, promotes the release of free atomic oxygen, which causes active oxygen foaming in the channel, under the influence of which live and necrotic pulp tissue, sawdust of root dentin and other infected are removed from the channel organic particles.

- In combination with RC-Prep peroxide, they improve the gloss of teeth, if there is a change in color by whitening. The bleaching process is also due to the free exit from the composition of peroxide of atomic oxygen, which gives this whitening effect.

- Increase the penetration of drugs through the root canal system, thereby leading to its more complete cleaning and opening of the dentinal tubules.

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